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Providing “a special kind of caring” since 1983.


Mission Statement

Eaton Community Palliative Care exists to provide 24-hour per day compassionate, physical care for terminally ill persons in a residential setting, complemented by emotional and spiritual support for the patient and their loved ones, enabling death with dignity.

This mission is accomplished by providing:

  • Genuinely kindhearted care from trained staff and volunteers to facilitate patient upkeep, comfort and safety
  • Medical equipment and materials, as needed, to ensure the best possible patient care and comfort
  • Special information and resources for patients and their loved ones to assist with situations of dying or loss
  • Bereavement support for grieving loved ones to promote healing, optionally available in a group environment

Eaton Community Palliative Care helps provide diverse services to patients and their families in our community who are living with a terminal illness. It is our mission to assist these families whenever possible.Your support of our organization helps to ensure that we will be here to provide 24 hour care:

  • For those needing end of life care
  • For those whose caregivers are exhausted
  • For those in unsafe situations
  • For those without caregivers
  • For those living alone
  • For the homeless
  • For Hospice House admissions or crisis intervention in homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Eaton Community Palliative Care is  here when you need more care than home can provide, are no longer safe at home alone or need a place to recoup after illness, surgery, rehab, etc. We continue to offer Hospice and Respite Care, too!