Interesting Facts about Eaton Community Palliative Care,
Our Name Change, and Our Brochures

 Did You Know. . .

Eaton Community Hospice opened a Hospice House, September 8, 2003?

Eaton Community Hospice changed its name to Eaton Community Palliative Care in January 2012?

Eaton Community Palliative Care opened a second Hospice House, January 7, 2013?

Eaton Community Palliative Care offers durable medical equipment to make caring for a loved one safer and easier?

Eaton Community Palliative Care offers spiritual care to each family, allowing peace of mind?

Eaton Community Palliative Care offers respite services, providing a much needed break from the stresses of caregiving?

Eaton Community Palliative Care offers a Survivor’s Support Group every MONDAY allowing a chance to discuss issues related to the death of a loved one?

Eaton Community Palliative Care offers all of these services with the use of volunteers who genuinely want to help?

Eaton Community Palliative Care does not bill insurance companies to recover any cost incurred in the care of your loved one?

Eaton Community Palliative Care is not State or Federally funded?

Eaton Community Palliative Care provides all these quality end-of-life services FREE OF CHARGE?

Free of Charge?

Many people ask “HOW can Eaton Community Palliative Care provide all these services without receiving any type of payment?”

Eaton Community Palliative Care is supported through your donations and memorial gifts.

Eaton Community Palliative Care is supported through your “planned giving” gifts.

Eaton Community Palliative Care is supported through your designated United Way gifts.

Eaton Community Palliative Care is 100% supported by our community...YOU!

Did You Know We Changed Our Name?

New Name, Same Service at 
Eaton Community Palliative Care
Reprinted with Permission
Travis Silvas
The County Journal, Editor

Palliative. It’s a word not heard often in conversation, but an important word for people in this area. It is part of the new name for what was formerly known as Eaton Community Hospice. Now called Eaton Community Palliative Care, it was imperative the non-profit organization change its name to make sure it could continue to provide the same type of and level of service people in this area have come to count on.

The reason for the name change isn’t as important as the understanding that Eaton Community Palliative Care can continue to provide end of life care, at no charge, for those who want and need it, said assistant director, Dawn Christenson.

“Palliative and hospice really mean the same thing,” Christenson said. “They both mean comfort care and that’s what we provide, comfort care.”

State regulations required the change in name. In order to remain a hospice, the organization would have to be licensed by the state, which would eventually mean they would have to begin charging for services and most likely would not have been able to provide the complete care currently provided to patients. 
“By changing our name to Eaton Community Palliative Care, we can maintain our exemption from licensure, which means we can continue to operate as we are — not charging for our services,” Christenson said. 

“If we had to be licensed, we’d basically be duplicating services that are already offered in our area,” said Margaret Kyser, executive director of Eaton Community Palliative Care. “What we’re doing has always been known as ‘private pay’ services. For 29 years, it’s what has made us so different from any other hospices, because we don’t charge for the ‘private pay’ services we provide. We want to continue to be the organization that is doing what no one else is doing. There is such a huge need out there for families needing someone to care for their loved ones.”

The need for Eaton Community Palliative Care to operate as it has for 29 years is reflected in the amount of community support it receives. The non-profit is run solely through generosity of the community, whether it’s through monetary donations, a large volunteer force, donations to its Thrift Shop or participation in its annual fund raisers, community support has allowed for expansion of the organization’s services. 

Construction of a second home began in December, which will double the amount of space Eaton Community Palliative Care has to offer families. There are currently six patient rooms offered and the new home would add six more.

Brochures on Eaton Community Palliative Care
"Informational" Brochure and "Ways to Help Us" Brochure

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There are two brochures available:

  • A brochure about Eaton Community Palliatve Care and the services provided.

  • A brochure on diferent ways to help Eaton Community Palliatve Care continue to provide services "free of charge".

The brochures are available online to view.
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Eaton Community Hospice changed its name to Eaton Community Palliative Care

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